Admin Application Format & Requirements

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Admin Application Format & Requirements

Post by Constantine on Sun May 07, 2017 7:54 pm


- At least 1 month of experience of being a SF-CNR Helper (Recommended)
- Must have a good record
- A reasonable level of activity

From now on, all admin applicants will undergo or must have experience of being a Game Helper before applying here in Admin Application section. That is compulsory to everyone who is interested to be part of the administration. This is also to test ones ability of handling a responsibility and to train them at the same time just to ensure that they will be ready for the next level which is being an admin. So if you are interested to become part of the admin, please apply as a Game Helper first.

If we find a potential through your performance of being a Helper, the 1 month that we have required may be reduced and you will be accelerated or promoted, depending on the decision of the owner.

(Please copy the format below and paste it on your application)

[b][color=green]Administration Questions[/color][/b]
[b]- In-Game Name[/b]:
[b]- How long have you been a Game Helper on SF-CNR?[/b]:
[b]- When did you become a Helper on SF-CNR?(mm/yyyy)[/b]:
[b]- Have you been suspended before?[/b]:
[b]- Why do you want to become an admin?(200 min):[/b]:
[b]- Why should be choose you?(200 min:[/b]:

Note: Helper that have been demoted due to violation(s) will be automatically rejected.

SF-CNR Staffs (Admin & Existing Helpers) will take votes on your application. Please don't post a reply on your application usually by saying "Thanks" to every votes and/or when you are not being ask by any of our staffs. If you keep doing this, it may affect negatively on your application.

Take note, if you don't meet the requirements, your application will be rejected.
And also, changing and skipping the questions of the format will do the same. Make sure to check your application first and correct if you have any mistakes before time runs out. This is just to prevent rejections.

Good luck.
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