[INFO] How to make Good and Legit Report

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[INFO] How to make Good and Legit Report

Post by Constantine on Sun May 07, 2017 7:33 pm

Programs needed to get necessary Proofs:
The programs or the stuff you need for making an acceptable report are listed as follows.
♦ Bandicam (Video Recording Program, available on Web).
**Configure Bandicam according to your settings or the keys you want.
♦ Screenshot (You don't need any Program for it as SAMP has a built-in Screenshot Key 'F8' for capturing Screenshots).

Referral Sites for uploading Proofs:
♦ Video Record: You can upload a video record of a rulebreaker at one of following video platforms.
1. Youtube
2. Dailymotion
3. Vimeo
♦ Screenshots/Pictures: You can upload your screenshots at one of following websites.
1. ImgCloud
2. Imgur
3. DtUpload

Rules for making a Complaint:
▶ Make sure your complaint is valid (No silly Complaints).
▶ Make sure to stick proofs with your post (screenshot for example).
▶ Include the players Nick and the reason for the complaint.

Follow the Correct Report Format:

While making a Report, you should follow Correct Player Reporting Format in order to get your Report accepted.
The Report Format is as follows.

Player Report Format:
Name of rule-breaker:
Date of incident:
Short explanation of events:
NOTE: Chatlogs can be manipulated, Chatlogs serve as a source of Proofs against a rulebreaker but will not be seriously taken so it will be better that you provide Screenshots and Video Record too.
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