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Rules & Format

Post by Constantine on Sun May 07, 2017 9:08 pm


This section is for admins below level 6 and above level 1
-When you ban/kick/jail/warn any member you must post the proof here so admin team can confirm together that that member really should be warned or banned... Also will be good, as if the member request for unban and you are offline, any other admin online on forum will show him the proofs.
-If you Banned/kicked/jailed/warned any member without posting the proofs here within 24 hours, you will be warned if you got 3 warning you will be demoted.

Please just warn before taking an action towards a player.

(Please copy the format below and paste it on your application)


Your in-game Name:
Target Player:
What action did you take for him [BAN/KICK/JAIL/WARN]:
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