Staff Rules [MUST READ]

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Staff Rules [MUST READ]

Post by Constantine on Sun May 07, 2017 9:06 pm


- Admins below level 6 must take video proof for their bans using a video recording software (Fraps, Bandicam or anyting else), failure to post proof in an unban application, will lead to verbal warnings, or demotions.

- If an admin uses illegal software, he will be suspended and demoted!

- Staff members are not allowed to /warn or /kick a co-staff member, even managers are not allowed to take an action like that against a staff member with reasons: do not spam, flood or be patient etc. Admins, if you see someone from the staff abuse administration commands or break the rules, report them to managers, managers post VALID!!! SOLID!!! and send it to Managers and Owners.

- If there are reasons like he is(a staff member) advertising or he is banning people without reasons, or if you feel the admin accounts has been hacked. Then go on with a kick, tell about it to managers, try not to use /ban for it, use it in the last possible case!!!.

- If a staff member is spamming, flooding or isn't respecting other staff members do not warn each other, just report that staff member to mangers+ on the forum or via facebook, with some valid proofs, then the server managers or head admins are requested to take action against him!

Note: Please note that the above rules do not apply for level 6+.

For failure to report situations like that to managers+ and abusing admin commands against co-staff members you will be suspended without verbal warnings or even fired!




1. Do not ever abuse commands against players. Do not /slap them if they kill you, do not go on /aod if you're about to die and don't avoid death by doing /spec. Management wants to ensure new players and regular players are not abused and do not have a reason to be mad towards our community.

2. Do not insult or provoke players back. If they provoke or insult someone, including you, use /warn and then /mute if he repeats. Don't fight or argue back. Also do not instantly warn if someone says "noob", verbally warn them via /apm or via /asay. Punish players when someone is really offended.

3. Check each and every report. Only reason to not check reports is when you are about to die/be killed by a player. Let the players kill you and when you respawn do check the report. We will NOT promote admins avoiding death with reason "i have duty", players should always be priority, enjoyable gameplay and fair for everyone.

4. If the hack that a player is using, does not greatly affect the gameplay of most normal players, /kick first. If continued after kick, use /ban. If you are a trial admin, and there is a junior+ admin ingame, ask him to check that player and ban him, if no lvl 2+ (junior) admins are online, just /kick and report us on Forum. If you spot a player who is hacking while being suspected by you in evading /ban punishment, compare ip addresses in /checkacc & /aka, and if they match /ban [playerid] [reason]. Kicks and bans should be the last possible option, while /warn, /mute and /freeze must be used multiple times to attempt to stop someone from constantly rule-breaking without using illegal modifications/software.

5. Do not go on duty for a long time (if not for check for hackers) if there are less than 10 players. Players need someone to play with, they can't play alone. Be sure to play with them and make them have fun. Being on duty is nothing special, it's just prevents you from being killed while you are checking players for hacks, or
trying to help someone.

6. Be active and play daily. We need active staff to ensure fair gameplay for all our players. Nobody wants to play where there are many rule-breakers and hackers. Admins are here to assist players and ensure fair and pleasurable gameplay for everyone. It can't be done if you don't even join the server, you might be the one who could help us increase the number of active players in our community.

7. Treat everyone equally. Don't prioritize friends in situations where you have to punish them. Everyone must be treated equally, we don't want corruption in our staff. If you verbally warn your friend for some rule-break, then also verbally warn another player whom you don't know. Do not tell your friend "don't do it" and then /kick others for doing it!

8. Don't make real life situations or your personal ideology change your decisions and look on some players as enemies. If someone is from one country which is enemy of your country in real life, don't look at those players as enemies. Treat everyone with friendly attitude, maybe that's what the 21th century needs the most instead of all these useless wars.

9. You must answer questions from players and members of staff. Admins are the player's assistants, as we mentioned multiple times, you help them and they thank us all by playing here, and remaining active. Many players will have questions that they would ask - you are the one who must answer their questions under all conditions.

10. Check forums regularly. Players will make unban requests, therefore they want someone to reply to their request as soon as possible. If you fail to post in a player's unban request within 2 days, you will be verbally warned. Repeated scenario will result in official warning or demotion, maybe even fire.

11. Don't give a lot of score and money in a short amount of time. Admins below level 6 are allowed to give out 10000 cash at max. Point of this game is to earn xp/score/cash while playing to unlock new abilities. If everyone gets all required conditions within 3 minutes, what's the point of playing?

12. Don't use heavy vehicles (hunters, hydras, tanks, seasparrows) if there is less than 30 players online, so that players don't get killed all the time, and leave because of that.

13. Don't use abbreviations in /kick or /ban or /warn or /jail or /mute reasons. Abbreviation is for example writing HH instead of health hack. GM instead of god mode.
Use full and professional reasons. For example: Health hack, Armour hack, God mode, Speed hack.
Not: ahhaha nice health hack :DDd

14. Don't make events without level 6+ admin/owner's permission and where there aren't many players online.

15. Don't argue with owners and co-owners. If they say something then it will be so, arguing and constantly sticking your nose with arguments won't end good. Although we will kindly listen to all of your suggestions and complaints if they are sent in a polite form, because we are against dictatorship.

16. Asking for promotions is NOT allowed, we have managers+ for looking after the staff, if you ask once, don't ask again, numerous questions about promotions will lead to suspension and demotion. If you really want to progress, be patient and try to be as helpful as you can, we see it and we take a decision depending on your activities.

17. Annoying owners when they are busy, or want to have some free time, will result in owner's displeasment and could lead to punishments.

18. Managers are NOT allowed to promote-skip levels for other staff members, you can promote someone only if you see that the staff member has met all the conditions, if he is worth it, and has served as much time as needed for him to get all the needed skills for promotion, the point of the level system is for teaching admins, and giving them enough skill to progress to the next level, as well as having a point to progress! - Note some occasions may require skipping levels with owner's permission.

19. Owners decided that their staff should NOT use any kind of hacks in the server with or without /aod, if he/she uses uses illegal software(hacks), that person would be suspended or even demoted. And co-staff are requested to report anyone who brakes this rule.



These rules don't apply on owners. FOX make and pay for this place, they don't have to follow these rules every time, but they will stick to them in most occasions.


-Failure to follow rules 7-8 will result in you being instantly suspended, and demoted or fired, we don't need corrupt and disrespectful staff, which doesn't treat players equally.

-Failure to follow all the rules can result in punishments, depending on the rule you broke, punishments are decided by managers+.



Suggestions for admins:

1. Try not to go AFK if you're the only admin online. Also, if you are not the only admin online, don't go AFK all together. If there are 3 admins online, 1 or 2 can go AFK, 1 should remain ingame. All admins being AFK in-game is the same as if there are no admins ingame.

2. Our staff must be a team of skillful, willing to help people. If you came here to report other & higher staff to make a career, then leave!

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