General Information about basic hacks!

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General Information about basic hacks!

Post by Constantine on Sun May 07, 2017 8:57 pm


Welcome to my tutorial everyone! I created this thread for some first timers admin as they would ban players with in-correct reason. Here's an example if I see a player airbreaking in sky I would ban him for flying. This is why I created this thread. It would also help some new helpers and admins.
How to find hackers and report them:
You usually find hackers around spawns, especially the police spawn, probably because they're lazy and don't check through all the classes. When you find a suspicious player, don't make a fast judgement as long the hacking isn't 100% obvious. You can also use /spec [ID] to try to find hackers.
Two good tips is; if you think someone is health hacking, check if the player's ping is high and if the player is laggy. Another tip is, if you think someone is aimbotting, try to jump and run from a short distance away from the suspected player and check if the bullet sprays are hitting good.
If you think the player is hacking DO NOT yell hacker in the global chat. Use the report function and to do so type in the command /report also you need to type in the ID and the reason. Example: /report 42 Health hacking
What is a hacktool?
A hack tool is a mod which includes many different hacks, such as health hack, airbreak, aimbot and many more. s0beit and CLEO is two types of multi-purpose hack tools. Cleo and s0beit is like a hack manager for the hacks the hackers downloaded.
Different Hacks
Here I will explain the most popular hacks used.
1.1Airbrake is a hack that lets you drive in the air with vehicles just like if it were a road there. Not to be confused with the jump boost filterscript. (/sjb + h) Check if the suspected player is using any pobs with /rpo ID
1.2Vehicle Speed hack: The cheater is driving the car so fast, similar to airbreak, can be detected on races.
1.3Vehicle Handling is a hack that lets the user to drive the vehicle perfectly even if the hacker gets rammed.
2.1Health hack is a hack that makes you immortal and you take no damage. Sometimes players toggle their health hack on and off. I recommend you to spec them a bit longer and when you report the player, type ''hh toggler'' as the reason.
2.2Health refill is also another kind of health hack but the difference is that you take damage with this hack, but your health gets refilled quickly.
2.3Armour hack is almost the same thing as health hack, but instead of taking no damage on the health bar, your don't take no damage on your armour.
3.Aimbot is a hack that lets you autoaim on a player.
4.1Superman/flymod is a hack that makes you fly in the air, just like Superman. A better explanation is it's almost the same animation as when you are skydiving with a non-deployed parachute, but the difference is that you don't fall down.
4.2Swimhack is almost the same thing as the previous explained hack, but you have the swim animation instead.
5.1Ammo hack is a hack that gives you unlimited bullets. A good tip is if you found someone suspicious, type /tr [ID] check their ammo or /w [ID], let the player kill you, then check again and see if the ammo count decreased.
5.2Rapid fire is a hack that lets you shoot automatically with a weapon. Simplified example: it makes the Desert Eagle shoot spraying bullets like an AK.
5.3No reload is a hack that lets you have unlimited bullets in the weapon magazine.
5.4Auto C-bug is a hack that lets you c-bug automatically and is a little bit hard to detect. But if you see someone c-bugging really fast you should spec that player.
6.1Parkour mod is a hack that lets you make flips, high jumps, somersaults and more. This one is hard to explain so I made a gif from a video on it. [url= /gif/92fhp] /gif/92fhp[/url]
6.2Mega jump is a hack similar to the parkour mod, but you can't do flips. Instead you jump really high. Check if Happy hour is toggled on before reporting.
6.3Sprint hack: The cheater is found running really fast than normally.
7.1Teleport hack is a hack that let's you teleport to players without having your permission with /tg id. They often teleport to you and cut your throat.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helps many new players to detect hackers and keep the community clean.

Don't be shy to edit this topic and add information about some more hacks.
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